About BlueSunday

BlueSunday is:

Welmoed (from Friesland), vocals, and Patrick ("made in Belgium"), guitar.

Complementary instruments that are being used, are bass-ukulele, mouthharp, accordeon and handdrum.
Homebase of BlueSunday is Friesland, the most Northern province of the Netherlands.

Before we started BlueSunday, in 2013,each of us made music for many years, with many different people.

Welmoed also as a solo-musician.
At this moment we mainly present covers.

The reason for that is that through time, unbelievably many, véry beautiful songs have been written that deserve to be heard.

We do look though for (almost) unknown songs from sometimes totally unknown, sometimes a little less unknown songwriters.

But each song worth being interpreted!
By now we also added the first songs of our own to the repertoire.

The style of music we bring, is roots music.

Roots music is a sub-style of Americana and can be considered a derived form of authentic blues, country and folk.

Musicstyles that were brought to America from the entire world

In some songs we reconstruct the instrumental part a bit, in some the lyrics, in some both.

Doing that, they become our own versions, but always with the deepest respect for the essence of the song!

We enjoy sharing this music with attentive listeners; in small churches, houseconcerts or at whatever intimate space you would like (ship, shed, etc.).

Our basis is semi-unplugged and we do have the equipment to perform fully plugged.

Hope to see you,

Welmoed and Patrick